Building Fact Sheet

Building I Address
30930 Russell Ranch Road
Building I Size
64,304 Rentable Square Feet 3 floors
Building II Address
30870 Russell Ranch Road
Building II Size
115,677 Rentable Square Feet 3 floors
Structural System
Steel columns and beam supporting a concrete filled metal deck floor system.
Exterior Walls
Smooth plaster finish and stone.
Window System
Recessed painted aluminum mullion with blue tinted glass.
Metal deck.
Built-up roofing.
Electrical System
The buildings are served by a pad-mounted transformer providing electrical service to a main switchgear at 480/277 volts, 3 phase, 4 wires. Service size shall be rated 2,000 amps for Building I and 3,000 amps for Building II. Available power for tenant use shall be based on 5-watt / sf allowance, excluding general lighting.
Mechanical System
Each building is equipped with 3 rooftop-mounted package units with VAV controls. The overall cooling capacity of the system provides approximately 1 ton of cooling capacity for each 350 RSF.
Two 3,500 lb hydraulic elevators serve each building. One is a combined service and passenger type.
Clear Heights
First floor: 96
Second and third floors: 90
Total Floor Load
100 PSF
Parking Ratio
4.25 / 1000 SF
Fitness Center
Located on the first floor of 30930 Building 1
EV Charging Stations
Located in front of 30930 Building 1. Will accommodate up to 5 electric vehicles